With deep grief, we mourn the passing away of Comrade Lawrence D’Souza

With great sadness, we are announcing the passing away of Comrade Lawrence D’Souza on 30th November, in Mumbai. Comrade Lawrence was 63 years of age. The CC of the Communist Ghadar Party extends its heartfelt condolences to his dear wife and children, and the comrades, friends and co-workers of this dear comrade.

Com Lawrence

Comrade Lawrence was a railway worker. Throughout his active life, until his untimely passing away, Comrade Lawrence fought for the immediate as well as long term interests of workers. As a guard in the Indian Railways, he played an important role in the building and strengthening of the All India Guards Council (AIGC), the militant organisation of the Guards. He always worked to forge unity of AIGC with the organisations of other sections of railway workers, including Locomen, Trackmen, and Station Masters.

Comrade Lawrence was indefatigable in his work and his enthusiasm was infectious. He would travel all over the country, organising innumerable meetings with different sections of workers, explaining to them the necessity to become organised for their rights. Comrade Lawrence was inspired by the highest ideals of humankind. Through his work, he inspired many workers to take up the banner of the Party, the banner of communism.

In his death our Party has lost a militant and staunch fighter for the cause of the working class.  To honour the memory of this steadfast comrade, a memorial meeting was held on 19th December in Mumbai, in which his comrades from the party and his co-workers from the railways participated.


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