With deep grief, we mourn the passing away of Comrade Renuka

With great sadness, we announce the passing away of our dear Comrade Renuka in Mumbai on 16th December. She departed from us at the young and untimely age of 45, after battling for long against illness.

Com Renuka

Comrade Renuka was known amongst her comrades for her warmth as well as for her steadfastness in the face of any difficulty. From the day she joined the ranks of the Party 16 years ago, she has boldly held aloft the banner of the Party. She was fearless in confronting authority. She was in the front ranks of the work in the region, participating in agitations in diverse places like Mumbai, Bhiwandi, Padgha, Thane and Kalyan.

Comrade Renuka would carry out whatever task was assigned to her by her organisation with a smile on her face. Her ever-smiling face gave no indication that she was suffering for long. She had made her decision to contribute her all to liberating Indian society from exploitation and oppression.  She considered staying at home as a punishment and that is why she refused to let her illness confine her, despite advice from her comrades and friends. She carried out the work of the Party with conviction and determination, until her very last breath.

On 22nd December, a condolence meeting was held in memory of this warm and courageous comrade who dedicated herself unsparingly to the great cause of the emancipation of the working class. The CC of the Communist Ghadar Party extends its heartfelt condolences to Comrade Renuka’s life companion and comrade, Prahlad, and to all her other family members and to all her comrades.


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