Meeting to commemorate the 140th birth anniversary of Comrade JV Stalin

21st December marked the 140th birth anniversary of Comrade Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, the great leader and teacher of the international working class. The Communist Ghadar Party marked this important occasion by organising a meeting in New Delhi. Comrade Lal Singh, General Secretary of the Communist Ghadar Party of India chaired the meeting.


Comrade Lal Singh pointed out that there is an all-sided attack the world over on the theory of communism and on communists. The communists of today draw great inspiration from the life and work of the great Marxist Leninist, JV Stalin. Comrade Stalin was the most outstanding and loyal disciple of VI Lenin. He defended the teachings and conclusions of Marxism Leninism with courage and tenacity till his last breadth. At the head of the Bolshevik party, he led the working class and people of the Soviet Union in the struggle to build a new socialist society free from all forms of exploitation and oppression.  He was, and will always remain the apple of the eye of the working class the world over. Throughout the major part of the twentieth century and until now, the name of JV Stalin has inspired workers, toilers and oppressed the world over to fight for and achieve their goal of total emancipation from the exploitative capitalist society.

The imperialist bourgeoisie knew well that Comrade JV Stalin was the greatest roadblock in their evil design to destroy socialism, crush the revolution, and perpetuate the man eating capitalist imperialist system. That is why they heaped calumny on Stalin during his lifetime, and that is why they have never stopped spewing their utmost hatred for this great personality.

Comrade Stalin dedicated his life to the cause of emancipation of the working class with absolute determination. Not only did he defend the principles and conclusions of Marxism-Leninism, he contributed to its further development and enrichment in the course of leading the struggle to build the new socialist society.

After Comrade Lal Singh had made his initial remarks, a brief presentation was made recalling the life and work of JV Stalin. Comrade Stalin was born in a poor working class family. His father worked as a cobbler in a shoe factory. Stalin joined the Party at the tender age of 15, and soon became a leading organiser.

When Comrade Lenin fell ill in 1922, Stalin was elected as the General Secretary of the Party. In the days that followed the death of Lenin he gave an inspiring and unforgettable speech at the Second All-Union Congress of Soviets in which he explained what it means to continue the work of Lenin and remain steadfast to his teachings. On behalf of the Bolshevik Party, he vowed to hold high and guard the great title of member of the Communist Party.  He vowed to guard the unity of the Party like the apple of his eye. He vowed to defend and strengthen the dictatorship of the proletariat. He vowed to strengthen the alliance of the workers and peasants. He vowed to strengthen and extend the voluntary union of the Republics of various nations and nationalities of the Soviet Union. And lastly, he vowed to remain faithful to the principles of the Communist International and strengthen and extend the union of the working people of the whole world.

Lenin died at a time when the new proletarian state was just being established. Imperialists around the world were colluding with enemies of the working class within the Soviet Union to destroy the dictatorship of the proletariat. In these difficult conditions, Stalin led the struggle to build socialism in the face of the imperialist encirclement with courage and determination.

Enraged by the successful construction of socialism in the Soviet Union, the imperialists egged Hitler and Nazi Germany to attack Soviet Union and destroy it. But their plans met their graves. Under the exemplary leadership of Comrade Stalin, the people of Soviet Union rose as one mighty force and stopped the fascists in their tracks leading to the defeat of Hitler and the liberation of Europe. Two and a half crore people of the Soviet Union sacrificed their lives in this Great Patriotic War. The youth at the battle front died with the name of JV Stalin on their lips. The victory of Soviet Union in the anti-fascist war spurred revolutionary liberation struggles in Europe and Asia. Many countries broke free from capitalist slavery and colonial bondage and took up the path of socialism.

In the period after the Second World War, the imperialists headed by US imperialism launched the Cold War to destroy socialism in the Soviet Union, and crush the rising tide of revolution. They threatened the Soviet Union and other socialist countries with nuclear annihilation. Side by side with this, the imperialists egged on their agents within different communist parties to revise the teachings of Marxism Leninism, undermine socialism from within, and destroy the unity of the International communist movement. Stalin led the Soviet people and the working class and peoples of the whole world with calm and courage in these conditions. He led the struggle in the International communist movement to expose and isolate the traitors to the working class, such as the Browderites and Titoites. Till his last breath, Stalin worked to defend the socialist Soviet Union, and the unity of the international working class movement from the attacks of the imperialists and the traitors to communism.

After the presentation Comrade Lal Singh led a discussion on how the work of our Party has been illuminated by this gem among communists.

Comrade Stalin very clearly stood for the establishment of dictatorship of proletariat and the building of socialism towards establishing a communist society. He was clear that this can be accomplished only under the strong leadership of a Party of the working class. The principles of Leninism which Stalin followed till his last breath are also the guiding principles on which our Party has been founded.

Comrade Lal Singh pointed out that all traitors to the working class have attacked the Leninist teaching of the absolute necessity to establish the dictatorship of the proletariat in order to defend the proletarian revolution and build socialism. The Khruschevites who seized power in the Soviet Union after Stalin’s death declared the Soviet State as the “state of the whole people.” Mao Zedong spoke of the joint dictatorship of four classes, which he called the New Democratic dictatorship, which included both the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, which is not possible.

Comrade Lal Singh explained how our Party has followed the Marxist-Leninist principle that there can only be a single line in a Party of the proletariat. There can be arguments and differences of opinion on a particular issue or action, but there cannot be many lines.

Contrary to the imperialist slander that Stalin was ruthless against his opponents, he always made utmost efforts to cement the unity of comrades within the Party and dealt with wrong views with utmost patience and understanding.

An outstanding quality of Comrade Stalin was that he and his Party never acted as big brother to smaller communist parties. In his dealing with other parties, he acted as a friend and guide and never imposed his views.

In conclusion, Com Lal Singh pointed out that the world has seen very few communists like Comrade Stalin. It is not that he was born that way. He was schooled by the Party of Lenin. Once he had decided to dedicate his life to communism he gave his heart and soul for the cause.

Red salute to Com Stalin and the Bolshevik Party!


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