Meeting held in Mumbai to commemorate the 39th Anniversary of CGPI

The completion of 39 years of the Party since its founding on 25 December 1980 was celebrated on 29 December in Mumbai with joy and enthusiasm by the Party members, friends and family members. The meeting began with the Party song. The Regional Secretary welcomed everyone on behalf of the Party and said it is a matter of pride to see that as the Party is getting older the average age of the party members is coming down. She said it has been a sad year as in the last three months we lost three of our dear dedicated comrades in quick succession to untimely death. Out best homage to them would be to work even harder to fulfil the mission for which these comrades dedicated their entire lives.

The year saw even more vicious attacks on the working class, peasants and other toilers. However it is heartening that workers and peasants rose against oppression and injustice in numbers not seen for the last so many years. People of the country have refused to accept the divisive communal anti-people measures through CAA and NRC. Students, youth and women across the country are on the streets. We have already won a victory, since the government has had to retreat and different ministers are falling over themselves and contradicting one another. However, as in any victory won in this system, this too is temporary as the state will attack in another form. It is our task to provide leadership to the people and channelise their anger for the Navnirman of India. This will be possible only if we further strengthen the Party. So the Secretary exhorted everyone to work even harder for the common mission we all have.

In their interventions various comrades came and expressed their great love for the Party that has moulded them and been their best teacher. Revolutionary songs were sung with everyone joining the chorus. A slide show of the year’s activities added to the cheer. The program concluded with everyone singing the Internationale.


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