Brutal police attack on electricity workers in Patna

On 27th January 2020, the electricity workers held a demonstration outside the Vidyut Bhavan in Patna, the capital city of Bihar to oppose the privatisation of electric supply. The government is planning to go ahead with privatisation dispite strong opposition of the workers. The protesting workers included engineers and was organised under the banner of Vidhut Kamgar Padhadhikari Abhiyanta Sanyukt Sangharsh Morcha, a joint platform of electricity employees in the state. The electricity workers had issued a notice to the state government on January 20 that they would stage a protest and will start agitation against privatisation of electricity if the government goes ahead with its move.

20200127_Electricity workers Patna
20200127_Electricity workers Patna

Electricity workers marched through the town and expressed their anger by jamming the roads. When they approached the Vidyut Bhavan near the Income Tax intersection on Belly Road, the police stopped them. Workers marched forward without stopping their protest march. Police then used water cannon to stop them. Workers continued their march forward and police brutally attacked them with batons. More than a dozen workers were injured in the baton charge of the police. Many women have also been injured in the police action.

Subsequently, 14,000 electricity workers have gone on a strike that has virtually shut down the electricity and water supply in the state.


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