From our readers: On Lenin’s birth anniversary

Dear Editor

The article presented by Mazdoor Ekta Lehar on the 150th birth anniversary of the great communist leader – Com. V.I. Lenin underscores the relevance of his theories and teachings to the present. Lenin laid bare the truth behind the façade of bourgeois parliamentary democracy, the characteristic features of imperialism and the role of the vanguard Party in organising and making the working class conscious to be the leading force of revolutionary change from capitalism to socialism – and you have explained so well, through this article, how all of these analyses based on theory of Marxism are ever so relevant today.

Our people’s experience has proven that this parliamentary democracy is a charade and there is no role for the people in this system. The institutions of parliament, the courts, and the electoral system – all of these ensure that while this charade is played out to keep the illusion of democracy alive, the real decision making power is in the hands of a minority elite of the capitalist class. In just this last year, the events in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh post-elections have clearly shown that it really does not matter to the people whether it is this or that Party which is in government.

The internecine wars in so many countries that have caused the devastation of the whole population with millions of lives lost in the strife and millions living in the most inhuman refugee camps point to the nature of imperialism. It is the most parasitic stage of capitalism, and it is most destructive. The hegemonic claims of the US to dominate the world market and the conflicts arising from this are the source of war. Today, the contradictions between the exploiters and the exploited within each capitalist country, between imperialism and the oppressed nations and peoples, and the contradictions among the imperialist powers and rival monopoly combines are very evident.

Like it is pointed out in the article, the present crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic has clearly shown how inhuman this system it, how incapable it is of taking care of the masses of people because it is oriented to serve the interests of the profit motive of the minority. In country after country, the health system has been driven to the present conditions of disarray and incapacity to ensure the health of its people.

In our country, the pandemic will only further exacerbate the deep seated problems faced by the majority of people. Working people have been increasingly experiencing the burden of unemployment and lack of livelihood opportunities, lack of access to basic living conditions fit for humans and a hopeless future for the youth in terms of education, employment and a decent life. On the other hand, a minority has been getting richer and gap is only getting wider.  At the same time, any protest against these conditions, any voice of disagreement with what is going on is crushed with force and threats of jail under various black laws.

Our society is crying for change from the present system of exploitation and oppression of the majority of people under this so-called democracy. Times are indeed calling for society to move out of this morass into a new dawn – a transition from capitalism to socialism. The way forward is to organise the working people to take power in their own hands and carry out this transition.

I thank you sincerely for this inspiring call in memory of the great Lenin. It compels us to think of the present and what we must do to change the conditions in favour of the working people.



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