From our readers: Imperialism has to be ended to end wars

Dear Editor,

I thank you for the highly principled and cogently written article entitled `On the 75th anniversary of the surrender of Nazi Germany: The lessons of history must not be forgotten’ written to mark the end of Second World War in Europe on May 9, 1945 with the surrender of  Nazi Germany.

The Nazi Party was top-down supported and funded by the German bourgeoisie in it’s quest to recover lost colonies and it’s pre-eminent position in the Imperialist Camp after the devastating and humiliating defeat in the First World War. As it happened the end of the First World War also saw the great October Revolution and the establishment of the first socialist country in the world, namely the USSR.  Thus, the Second World War took place against the backdrop of the presence of a socialist country as well as the playing out of inter-imperialist contradictions.

The article traces the history of the various pacts and the activities of subterfuge of other imperialist countries such as Britain, France and the USA amongst the Allied Powers, while being pitted against the imperialist countries of Germany, Italy and Japan amongst the Axis Powers.  In contrast to the activities of the western allies, who sought to prolong and expand their spheres of influence, the USSR was engaged in the defence of socialism.  The article is a fine piece of writing tracing the events of the war and a must for every student of history in the revolutionary camp.

The lessons of the Second World War are also relevant for the present. As long as capitalism and imperialism, which is the last stage of capitalism, the world cannot be rid of the danger of war and inter-imperialist wars, and the crushing of the working class and of human rights.  Under this or that pretext, various wars are being planned and launched and preparations are underway for a Third World War.  We must all be vigilant and work towards the prevention of such a state of affairs.

I join you in condemning imperialist disinformation about the Second World War, saluting the heroism of the USSR in defeating fascism, and second your call for the struggle against imperialism and fascism.


S. Nair


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