Dharna by Ticket Checking Staff against Railway Management

On 26th May the ticket checking staff of Deen Dayal Upadhyay station (Mughal Sarai) of the Indian Railways had to go on a dharna against the railway management.

Mughal Sarai

Matters were exacerbated when the Station Director insulted the ticket checking staff and other railway workers and used indecent language. The fact is that day after day the railway staff working on the special Shramik Trains have been organising the making and distribution of food to their fellow workers travelling in these trains. All the rail staff is sincerely doing its duty which at times can even stretch to 24-hours if necessary. They have also been collecting funds and distributing tea, water and food items to the travellers since 4th May.

While the railway workers are making food and feeding all their travelling worker brothers and sisters, the top officials of the railways instead of helping them, insult them in front of the travellers. The ticket checking and other rail staff were angered by this and gathered in hundreds to sit in a dharna against the Station Director. He was insisting that instead of helping the workers, they should do their duty of checking the tickets of those who arrive. The railway workers sitting on dharna wrote a letter to the Mandal Rail Manager of the Eastern Central Railway and took the signatures of all the railway workers. Their demand was that the Director behaving in such an inhuman way should immediately be suspended and that all railway workers should be treated properly during this pandemic.

These workers had gone far away from their homes in search of livelihoods. They have got stranded, unable to return home. But the Central Government is not fulfilling its responsibility towards them. In these times a workers is able to stay alive only because of the help he has been getting from his fellow workers. The Central and State Governments, political leaders as well as the railway administration have shown total indifference towards these workers.

The railways have been built up through the labour of us workers, but instead of enabling us to reach home, all they do is to issue new government firmans daily. The working class is very unhappy with the railway administration.

After waiting for months, when starving and thirsty workers travel, the railway workers host them and provide them food and water because of their fraternal relations. Many officers appointed by the administration give them inhuman treatment. This is totally unacceptable to the working class. The administration should immediately take practical measures to assist the workers.


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