Widespread protests in USA over brutal police killing in Minneapolis

Protests continue to rage for the fourth day in Minneapolis and other cities of the USA including New York, Albuquerque, Denver, Chicago, Louisville, Los Angeles, and Oakland, following the brutal killing of a black man on May 25, 2020. People all across the USA are very angry with the brutal killing of a black man in police custody and are not only demanding justice for him, but an end to all such acts of police brutality for which the police forces across the USA are notorious.


US President Trump has denounced the protestors as ‘thugs’ and threatened to unleash vicious force to quell the protests, which have continued regardless. Minnesota and other states of the US have a sad history of police using brutal force against working people and especially black people.

Scores of demonstrations have taken place in the twin cities of Minneapolis and St Paul. Angry protestors also burnt down a police station in the city. The four police officers involved in the arrest and killing of the black man on May 25, 2020 were reportedly fired from service in a bid to pacify the people demanding justice, but the protests have continued.

The US state has a long history of racism dating back to the days of slavery. Racism is used by the ruling class not only to deprive people of colour of their rights, but as a tool to smash the unity of the entire working class. The working people of the USA and other countries abhor racism and have a history of uniting to fight against racist attacks, as in the present instance.


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