From our readers: US imperialist interference in our region poses a grave danger

Dear Editor,

I wish to write a few lines about the article, “Resolutely oppose US interference” that appeared in the June 1, 2020 issue of Mazdoor Ekta Lehar. This article is very appropriate, right and timely. It explains very well how US imperialism has destroyed many countries for its narrow self-interest and for that it has used diverse means such as regime change, ”pro-democracy” movements, false promises of people’s freedom, and so on.

I agree with you that entering into a strategic-military relationship with US imperialism will surely take India towards destruction. We can clearly see how in the past few years the distrust that our neighbouring countries feel for India has kept growing. Today not even one of our neighbours is happy about India drawing closer to US imperialism. The danger of war confronting all our countries of this region is increasing day by day. Whether it is Nepal, or China or Pakistan, the tension in India’s relations with each of them is increasing every day.

Due to our rulers’ own imperialist ambitions, India has remained isolated in Asia and its increasing closeness with US imperialism will only make it even more so. The US proposal to mediate will benefit the US imperialists only. Every country in Asia including India will be hurt by it. History proves this very clearly. US imperialism has destroyed every country that it claimed to be a well-wisher of. Everyone knows that this includes Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Pakistan. In Asia we should not forget what it has reduced Afghanistan and Pakistan (with which it once claimed eternal friendship) to, how it has left these countries on the edge of destruction once they had served its purpose.

US has always stoked enmity between India and Pakistan to sell its weapons. To incite mutual enmity it has used various pretexts like terrorism, Kashmir and so on. War against China will be dangerous for all the countries in Asia including India. It will weaken the entire continent of Asia and that will benefit the US imperialists. The US imperialists are only interested in maintaining their unrivalled hegemony in Asia and that is why they are rapidly spreading their roots in India.

I thank the editor of MEL for this very appropriate article. It will undoubtedly guide the people of India as well as those of entire Asia in opposing the interference of US imperialism in Asia.



Editor’s note: This is an English translation of a letter received in Hindi.

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