New Indo-US military agreement:

Endangering India’s sovereignty and increasing the danger of war

India and the US have concluded a major agreement to strengthen their strategic military alliance. The two countries signed the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement for Geo-Spatial Cooperation (BECA). This was announced by the governments of the two countries in a joint Communique issued on October 28.

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Meeting on “What is the solution to the problems facing the peasantry?”

Mazdoor Ekta Committee (MEC) organised a meeting entitled “What is the solution to the problems facing the peasantry?” on 18th October 2020. Organisers of peasants from Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and other states participated in the meeting. Trade union activists, urban workers, MNREGA workers from the rural districts, and youth and students also participated in the meeting. A large number of women attended the meeting. The main presentation on the issue was made by Sucharita, on behalf of MEC.

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What is the Solution to the Problems facing the Peasantry?

Presentation of the Mazdoor Ekta Committee at a web meeting held on 18th October, 2020

The peasants of our country are suffering from numerous acute problems.  Their conditions have been growing from bad to worse for many years now.

One of the problems is that irrigation covers only 40% of the gross cropped area.  As a result, the majority of peasants are dependent on the rains.  Another problem is that the cost of seeds, fertilisers and other inputs has risen very steeply.  The third problem, which has become most acute at this time, is that the prices peasants receive for their crops are not adequate to cover their costs and provide a net income with which they can maintain their families.

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Refining capacity

Privatisation of Petroleum Refineries is Anti-People and Anti-National

In pursuit of the imperialist aims of Indian monopoly capitalists, the Central Government is throwing all caution to the winds.  While proclaiming self-reliance as a guiding principle, it is moving in the opposite direction of increasing reliance on the US and its allies.  It is acting against the well-being of the people. Workers of BPCL will go on a five-day strike from 2nd to 6th November, demanding an immediate halt to the plan to privatise BPCL.

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Protests continue against the anti-peasant laws

There have been widespread protests in India and world-wide against the anti-peasant laws passed by the Central government. Following the Bharat Bandh on 25th September organised by over 250 peasant organisations and many trade unions and workers organisations against these laws, peasants in various states, notable Punjab and Haryana, have continued their protest actions. They have continued their blockade of roads and railway tracks. In Punjab, the peasant unions announced a gherao of corporate houses in the state.

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Third meeting on “Why not education of same quality for all?”

A web meeting on “Why not education of same quality for all?” was jointly organised by the  Jai Maharashtra Shikshak Karmachari Sen (JMSKS), Kamgar Ekta Committee (KEC) and Lok Raj Sangathan (LRS) on October 11, 2020. Members of the JMSKS, who are principals, teachers and non-academic staff of the private aided primary schools in Mumbai, participated in the meeting. Besides them, other participants included the Ahmednagar District General Secretary of the Maharashtra Rajya Prathamik Shikshak Mahasangh, Shri Vitthal Urmude, as well as principals, teachers, students, college professors and concerned citizens.

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Pharmaceutical Industry and the Super-Exploitation of Workers

India is often referred to as the ‘pharmacy of the world’, being the largest supplier of generic medicines, with a global market share of 20 percent. … One-fourth of all medicines consumed in Britain are supplied by Indian pharma companies. Two-fifth of all generic medicines used in the USA come from India. Over 80 percent of medicines used all over the world for treatment of the deadly illness, AIDS, are supplied by Indian pharma companies.

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