Line based on Marxism-Leninism

Dear Sir,

I read the new year's message of comrade Lal SIngh in the last issue and liked it very much. Our party has developed the line based on Marxism-Leninism based on the conditions existing in our country. We must never waver from this path. I am happy that we have been moving ahead.

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Message of greetings from Comrade Lal Singh to all party comrades on the occasion of the New Year 2012

Comrades, we have launched an important initiative to engage all communists in discussion on the urgent necessity for preparing the working class to take political power into its own hands. I call upon you to take up this task and spare no effort in taking this widely in every region of the country.Let us put pressure on everyone calling themselves communist to take a clear stand on this question— are they or are they not agreed on the urgent necessity to prepare the working class to take political power and establish proletarian democracy in place of capitalist democracy?

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We do not sell our mother earth!

People’s opposition to nuclear projects is growing across the country. Thousands of peasants in Gorakhpur village and surrounding areas of Fatehabad district of Haryana are also militantly opposing a nuclear electricity project being planned in this village. The government shamelessly declared that the land in the area is infertile.

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