Intensified exploitation and the attacks on the toiling masses in the past 74 years

This is in response to the CC statement of 15th August 2021. The statement is extremely well written. Starting from the history of the British rule in India and relating it to the present condition of the working class of our nation; it helps one understand that the exploitation of the toiling masses and the attacks on them by the capitalist class has just intensified in the past 74 years.

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The monstrous crimes of US imperialism against the Afghan people can never be forgotten

The people of Afghanistan have the right to decide their own destiny

On August 15, 2021, Taliban forces entered Kabul city and took over the Presidential palace. A few hours earlier, President Ashraf Ghani had fled the country, with American assistance. The three lakh strong Afghan army, financed and trained by the US, disintegrated without a fight. These events mark the final collapse of the US backed puppet regime in Kabul. It brings to an end the nearly 20-year long US imperialist occupation of Afghanistan.

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