Unite against the anti-social offensive of the ruling class and imperialism!

Select and elect candidates who fight for people’s interests!

Appeal of the Communist Ghadar Party of India to the workers, peasants, women, youth and middle strata of Uttar Pradesh

You will be casing your vote for elections to the State Assembly in a few days time. Uttar Pradesh, like the country as a whole, is at the crossroads. There is an increasingly sharp clash between two courses, two different visions, two programs. There is the vision and program of the ruling class and imperialism. And there is the vision and program of the working class and peasantry. It is in your hands, dear voter, to utilise the ongoing elections as one more arena of struggle to advance the program of the working class.

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Oppose War Mongering and War Preparations!

Oppose growing Anglo-American interference in South Asia!

Statement of the CGPI, January 10, 2002

Since the December 13 attack on Parliament, the ruling circles have systematically whipped up war hysteria. Both countries have organised a massive mobilisation of troops and military arsenal all along the international border as well as the LOC.

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Kanpur Resolution 2000: One working class, one program, one communist party!

KanpurConf2000.jpgThe workers, peasants, women and youth of India are waging an extremely difficult struggle today, in defence of their livelihood and rights, against the stepped up attacks by the bourgeoisie. All over the country, workers are fighting against privatisation, closures, layoffs, contract labour, intensified exploitation and insecurity of employment. Peasants are rising up in opposition to the penetration, domination and plunder of agriculture by the multinational and Indian monopoly companies in the name of liberalisation and globalisation. Broad masses of people are fighting against the terror unleashed on them by the armed forces of the Indian state. They are fighting against the remnants of feudalism, including the hated Brahmanical caste system that continues to oppress the toilers…

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