Statement of Indian Workers Association (Great Britain) on the occasion of May Day

Workers across the world will be marking May Day by holding marches and demonstrations in solidarity with working people of other countries who are waging struggles for their rights and an end to the exploitative world imperialist system. London will also be a focus of resistance to attacks on trade unions and continuing cuts on education, NHS, pensions, and social welfare services, whilst profits boom for the big capitalists.

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Severe repression on students in US universities protesting against Israel’s genocidal war

In university campuses across the US, there is a rising wave of protests by students. Students of many universities across the US have been holding protest demonstrations, sit-ins and other forms of protest actions over the past 6 months. They have been raising their voices against the incessant genocidal war being waged by Israel, against the Palestinian people, since October 7 last year.

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