G7 foreign ministers meet in London:

US and its allies coordinate their imperialist strategy

The G7 foreign ministers’ meeting was aimed at coordinating and working out a common strategy towards various countries and regions wherein inter imperialist rivalry and conflicts are sharpening, including towards Iran, Syria, Libya, Myanmar, Ethiopia and Somalia. For the US, top of the agenda was to isolate and encircle Russia and China. The US used the G7 forum to keep all the other member countries in line, and prevent them from striking separate deals with Russia and China.

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Privatisation of Covid vaccination is Anti-People!

On April 19, while addressing the country about the Covid pandemic, Prime Minister Modi announced a “liberalised and accelerated Covid-19 vaccination strategy” of his government. He presented it as a gift to the people saying that every adult above the age of 18 will be eligible for the Covid vaccine from 1 May 2021. However, the details given by him and made public later, about the new vaccine policy, show that having already privatised its production, now even administering of the vaccine is being privatised. The new policy is totally anti-people, anti-social and discriminatory and is bound to worsen the current public health crisis.

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Monopoly rights over vaccine production must be opposed

Since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic the people of the world including of India have been told that the only way to eradicate this pandemic is to quickly develop vaccines and administer them to the majority of people in the world as early as possible. While vaccines have been developed and given emergency approval for use despite their limited testing, their availability is coming in the way of speedily vaccinating people. The acute shortage of vaccines is due to the insistence of international and Indian pharma monopolies to exercise their monopoly rights through patents and control the production and price even in the midst of a global health crisis.

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Let us put an end to this inhuman system!

The Call of the Communist Ghadar Party of India on the occasion of Mayday 2021 must resonate with every worker and toiler in our country. As described in the Call, millions of our workers and peasants are living and working in the most inhuman conditions. They are being exploited to the bone and have no means to give their families a decent existence.

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Workers and peasants must become a united political force

This is in response to the statement of CC of the CGPI on the occasion of May Day. The statement represents the condition of the working class today in our country and condemns the ruling capitalist class and its government. This statement clearly shows that even after 73 years of independence, the workers and peasants still struggle for roti, kapda and makaan.

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Long Live May Day, International Working Class Day!

Call of the Communist Ghadar Party of India, May 1, 2021

Comrade workers

Today is May Day, international working class day. Throughout the world, for the past 131 years, workers have been celebrating this festival of our class. We celebrate our victories, learn lessons from the setbacks, in order to march forward towards our goal. Along with our immediate economic and political demands, we fight with the aim of building a new socialist society free from all forms of exploitation and oppression of persons by persons.

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Kisan Andolan intensfies struggle

The Kisan Andolan has announced that it will intensify the struggle for the repeal of the three anti-Kisan laws and for a legally guaranteed MSP for all crops. It has given the call to march again to Delhi — Phir Dilli Chalo. Beginning April 20, thousands of kisans started marching back from their villages to the Delhi borders.

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