Successful Struggles that have been able to halt the Privatisation / Corporatisation policies of the Government

Tenth meeting organised by Kamgar Ekta Committee in the series “Unite Against Privatisation!”

The struggle against privatization has a long history. Ever since then Prime Minister Narasimha Rao launched the program of globalization through privatization and liberalization, the working class of our country has been in the forefront of opposing this program. In order to smash the opposition of workers to privatisation, the ruling capitalist class has adopted cunning tactics. Its aim has been to split the workers’ opposition to privatization.

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From our Readers: The entire election process is a scam!

The statement makes it absolutely clear how elections are conducted in India. Important issues have been brought to light, like who funds the various political parties and their campaigns, what propaganda is spread before and during the election using all possible platforms to reach the masses and how the entire nation is fooled, be it central elections or the state elections.

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150th anniversary of the Paris Commune:

The Paris Commune inaugurated a new era in the struggle of mankind for emancipation

150 years ago, the workers of Paris, the capital of France, rose up in conditions of national crisis.  They proclaimed a new state power – the rule of the toiling people.  They dismantled the state apparatus of the bourgeoisie. They set up completely new institutions of state power.  In place of the old standing army, the armed people stood ready to defend the new power.   This was the first instance of proletarian state power on this earth, and the working class showed what it can do when it has power in its hands.

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