Mass protests continue across Europe

Mass protests have yet again erupted in several European countries. Masses of people are out on the streets carrying banners and shouting slogans against inflation, against sanctions on Russia, against NATO. There is a growing demand from the people of these countries that their governments  get out of NATO.

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The struggle of kisans continues

Kisans in Punjab, Haryana, UP and other parts of the country continue to wage struggles for assured public procurement of their produce at remunerative prices, MSP for all crops, for state subsidies for agricultural inputs, for better irrigation facilities, for loan waiver and against the Electricity Amendment Bill. Justice for the murder of agitating kisans in Lakhimpur Kheri and withdrawal of false police cases against agitating kisans are other important demands they are raising. Kisans are demanding that the government fulfill the assurances it gave to them in December 2021 on the basis of which they had withdrawn their dharna at the borders of Delhi.

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Workers’ struggles in the Auto Industry

Throughout the auto and auto components industry, the capitalists have ensured that workers are kept divided on the basis of whether they are regular workers or contract workers. For the same work, contract workers are paid much less than the regular workers. They do not have any social security benefits. The capitalist owners, together with the labour department of the government, ensure that contract workers are not allowed to organise themselves into unions. Neither are they allowed to join the unions of regular workers as members.

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