International Women’s Day Celebrated on March 7

This International Women’s Day has been very special in the history of India. Over the past year and more, Indian women have very emphatically come out on the streets to claim their rights. Women are boldly protesting the thoroughly anti-farmer, anti-worker and pro-monopoly policies of the government. Thousands of women have braved the bitterly cold winter and are preparing to brave the scorching heat at the Delhi borders with their kisan brothers.

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Union Budget 2021-22: Continuing the anti-social offensive to benefit monopoly capitalists

The Budget serves the pursuit of monopoly capitalists of their narrow self-interest, with no concern whatsoever for the insecurity and misery of the masses of working people.

The Union Budget for the coming year 2021-22 was presented on 1st February by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.  In order to fully appreciate the content and aim of this budget, it is useful to begin by examining the question: What is the Union Budget?

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