Oppose the privatisation of Pawan Hans!

On 29 April, 2022, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs approved the Rs 211 crore bid of Star9 Mobility Private Limited, to buy the government’s 51% share in Pawan Hans Limited (PHL). PHL is the state owned helicopter service. Star9 Mobility is a consortium of three companies — Maharaja Aviation, Big Charter and Almas Global Opportunity Fund.

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BEML privatisation is anti-worker and anti-national

BEML is a PSU of strategic importance in the defence sector.  It  manufactures missile launchers, tank aggregates, armoured recovery vehicles (ARV) and armoured repair and recovery vehicles (ARRV), bridging systems, transportation trailers, etc. It is precisely for this reason that BEML had been placed under the Ministry of Defence. With its highly capable workers, BEML can play a much bigger role in indigenising defence manufacture, thus reducing the dependence on foreign countries.

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On the occasion of the 77th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany:
Lessons of the Second World War

For lasting peace, the imperialist system, which is the source of imperialist wars, needs to be overthrown, and replaced by socialism

77 years ago, on May 9, 1945, Nazi Germany signed the instrument of surrender before the representatives of the Red Army of the Soviet Union, in the German capital Berlin. This act of surrender brought an end to the Second World War in Europe.

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Crisis of Electricity Supply and its Real Cause

This is the second in a series of articles on the class struggle over electricity in India

Large parts of the country are facing severe power shortage as thermal power plants do not have sufficient coal to produce the required power. The monopoly controlled media is creating confusion about who and what is responsible for the power shortage.

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Workers in Delhi protest against Mundka fire-tragedy
Workers warn labour minister that they will step up the struggle

Enraged workers demanded justice and compensation for the families of the workers who died in the fire- tragedy. They demanded strictest action and punishment against the state authorities responsible for this fire. The protesting workers also demanded from the government that strict steps should be taken immediately so that such fires and industrial accidents never happen again and all the rights of the workers are guaranteed.

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On the 165th Anniversary of the Great War of Indian Independence — the Ghadar of 1857

The struggle continues today against those who are dividing us and exploiting and plundering our land and labour

The 10th of May this year marked 165 years since the soldiers of the East India Company stationed in Meerut marched to take control of Delhi. It was the beginning of the Great Ghadar, a war for independence from the illegitimate, oppressive and self-serving rule that an English trading company had established over vast territories of the Indian subcontinent.

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Strong opposition to government’s bulldozer campaign in Delhi

For the past few weeks in the national capital, the government has been carrying out a brutal campaign to destroy the houses and means of livelihood of the toiling people by sending bulldozers from place to place. The drive is being run in the name of “removing encroachments” and “urban development”. In fact, this is a merciless attack on the rights of the workers and toiling people of the city.

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Workers of Ambur, Tamilnadu demand their rights

Tamil Nadu Trade Union Centre held a demonstration at Ambur on 7th of May, 2022. Hundreds of leather, shoe and related product manufacturing workers from companies in and around Ambur participated in this demonstration. On this occasion, the union also celebrated May Day. Comrade Dakshnamoorthy chaired and conducted the proceedings.

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