Meeting on Occupational Safety, Health and Working conditions

Thousands of workers die due to the unsafe conditions that prevail at work sites. Lakhs of workers are injured or maimed every year. Workers affected by these accidents are thrown out of work, without any compensation. Workers in many industries are perpetually exposed to hazardous conditions, whose ill-effects on their health manifest themselves later. Instead of safeguarding the health, safety and rights of all workers, the OSHW code eliminates a very large number of workers from its coverage, such as those who work in small factories, or on contract basis. Similarly IT employees, delivery workers, taxi drivers, gig workers, etc. are kept out of the purview of this act.

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Rajasthan state employees warn the government

The agitation of about eight lakh government employees of Rajasthan has been gaining momentum since several months. Government employee organizations in several districts of Rajasthan have been working to make the agitation a success. For example, on 18th January, a protest was held in front of the collector office on behalf of the Joint Employees Federation in Hanumangarh, where a memorandum regarding their demands, addressed to the Chief Minister, was given to the Collector.

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