Strong opposition to government’s bulldozer campaign in Delhi

For the past few weeks in the national capital, the government has been carrying out a brutal campaign to destroy the houses and means of livelihood of the toiling people by sending bulldozers from place to place. The drive is being run in the name of “removing encroachments” and “urban development”. In fact, this is a merciless attack on the rights of the workers and toiling people of the city.

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Workers of Ambur, Tamilnadu demand their rights

Tamil Nadu Trade Union Centre held a demonstration at Ambur on 7th of May, 2022. Hundreds of leather, shoe and related product manufacturing workers from companies in and around Ambur participated in this demonstration. On this occasion, the union also celebrated May Day. Comrade Dakshnamoorthy chaired and conducted the proceedings.

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Onward with the struggle to end the exploitation of workers and peasants!

Call of the Central Committee of the Communist Ghadar Party of India on May Day 2022

Comrade workers,

Today is May Day, a day of celebration for the workers of all countries. In our country, workers in all regions are participating in militant rallies, meetings, and processions. We are celebrating the victories we have won and discussing the lessons from the setbacks we have suffered.

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