Escalating Prices of edible oils and pulses:

Robbery of people to fulfil monopoly capitalist greed

The prices of six edible oils — groundnut oil, mustard oil, vanaspati, soya oil, sunflower oil and palm oil — have risen between 20% and 60% at all-India levels in the last one year. In May 2021 the price of edible oils reached the highest ever seen during the last 10 years. This is putting a further burden on working people who already been reeling under the highest price of petrol and diesel over the last few months.

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30 years after the launch of the program of liberalisation and privatisation

Thirty years ago, on 24th July, the then Finance Minister Manmohan Singh presented the first budget of the Congress-led government headed by Narasimha Rao. Finance Minister Manmohan Singh declared that the balance of payments situation was precarious, with foreign currency reserves not enough to even pay for one month’s imports. … He then unveiled a program of major changes in policies, laws and regulations relating to trade, investment and the public sector, broadly in line with the prescriptions of the World Bank and the IMF.

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