Insecurity of livelihood of workers

Dear Editor,

It pains my heart to read about the conditions of the workers in the Automobile industry in the article titled ‘Automobile workers in Tamil Nadu face grave insecurity of livelihood’. It is so heartbreaking to learn that employees are sacked for taking a sick leave. They are threatened and intimidated and there is no means for them to speak out under such repressive conditions. From my experience the situation is not very different in what were considered as “cushy” and “comfortable” jobs. A teacher in a central Government school is facing her worst nightmares managing the work pressure and tasks at home. The condition of teachers in private sector and unaided institutions is far worse. The work from home setting has given the bourgeoisie free hand for unlimited exploitation of the workers. All workers are treated as means to an end and not human beings. I think that this is nothing but modern-day slavery.

I believe the main cause of the above-mentioned terrible conditions is the communist movement which is divided into thousands of fragments. The need of the hour is to unite the workers across all sectors and wage a relentless struggle against the barbaric capitalist offensive. I would like to mention here that the All India Forum Against Privatization (AIFAP) has taken an excellent initiative to unite all the workers in the public sector. Initiatives like these and many others are the essential steps needed to be taken in order to establish the rule of the working class in alliance with the peasantry.

Inqilab Zindabad.

Jeet, Mumbai

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