Forty-six Federations, Workers’ Unions and People’s Organisations from all over the country unite to fight against anti-people, anti-worker smart electricity meters

Report by Kamgar Ekta Committee Correspondent

The booklet was unveiled on 26 May 2024 in the presence of hundreds of electricity workers at a function of the Maharashtra State Electricity Workers Federation at Kalyan in Thane district of Maharashtra and received an enthusiastic response.

The plan of the Central and State governments to install Pre-paid Smart Electricity Meters for all consumers, other than agricultural, is facing strong opposition from consumers as well as workers of various sectors including electricity. While the government claims that it will benefit consumers and improve efficiency, consumers fear it will lead to big increase in their power bills. They are opposing pre-paid meters which will make them pay for electricity before consuming it. Electricity workers see it as a step towards privatisation of electricity distribution and fear immediate job losses in large numbers. Farmers fear pre-paid meters will sooner or later be extended to them too and they will also have to pay at full rate in advance. Pre-paid meters will thus impose an additional financial burden on everyone.

SM_booklet_English_Cover SM_booklet_English_Cover

In order to make people aware of this impending attack, 46 workers’, farmers’ and people’s organizations have come together and brought out a booklet, Unitedly Oppose Anti-Worker Anti-People Prepaid Smart Electricity Meters, in Hindi and English. The booklet will soon come out in Marathi as well.

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