Forty-six Federations, Workers’ Unions and People’s Organisations from all over the country unite to fight against anti-people, anti-worker smart electricity meters

Report by Kamgar Ekta Committee Correspondent

In order to make people aware of this impending attack, 46 workers’, farmers’ and people’s organizations have come together and brought out a booklet, Unitedly Oppose Anti-Worker Anti-People Prepaid Smart Electricity Meters, in Hindi and English. The booklet will soon come out in Marathi as well.

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International Women’s Day celebrated in Pune

A program to celebrate International Women’s Day was organised by the Maharashtra State Electricity Workers’ Federation (MSEWF) in Pune on 8th March.  Com Bharti Bhoyar, President of the Women’s Front of MSEWF, chaired the meeting. Com Bhoyar emphasised the need for women to fight shoulder to shoulder with their male co-workers, in order to win and defend their rights, as workers and as women.

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Oppose the Privatisation of Electricity Distribution!

Eleventh meeting organised by Kamgar Ekta Committee in the series “Unite Against Privatisation!”

Kamgar Ekta Committee (KEC) organised a public meeting on 25 April 2021 to oppose privatisation of electricity distribution. This was the 11th meeting in the series “Unite against Privatisation”. Previous meetings dealt with privatisation of railways, banks, insurance, coal, petroleum, port & docks, education sectors.  These meetings are being organised with the aim of bringing together various unions and federations of public sectors in a common struggle against privatisation.

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